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Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

We are healthcare industry leaders and medical professionals providing healthcare services and support to affiliate partners, results-oriented medical director programs to skilled nursing facilities, outcome objectives for small and large hospital systems, and compliant, high-quality, value-based medical care to health plans and their patients.

We provide high-quality medical practice management services including programs, technologies, and administrative support to post-acute care partners. These services benefit partners, skilled nursing facilities, small and large hospital systems, health plans, and their patients. We help healthcare partners meet the competitive challenges of medicine today so their businesses can thrive, and they can spend more time caring for patients.

Trumen Physicians + Associates became an affiliate practice in October 2021. Trumen was founded by physician partners and owners in 2010 and is a prominent and highly respected medical group serving Houston and the surrounding communities. Trumen is setting the highest standards in medical care in the post-acute market. We provide administrative and practice support to help Trumen achieve its vision of growth, quality delivery of medical services, and creating the proper work-life balance for its providers.

We deliver programs, technologies, and administrative support to post-acute care partners. Our comprehensive services allow affiliate partners to reach new heights with their growth goals while achieving work-life balance. Benefits include:

  • Increased and growing patient panel
  • Unlimited earnings potential
  • Call coverage and support
  • Peer support with 24/7 access to clinicians
  • Full practice autonomy and freedom to make all medical practice decisions
  • Credentialing expertise and completion
  • Billing and collections with an emphasis on accurate and timely revenue cycle management
  • Payor rate negotiations
  • Provider recruitment to support growth
  • Medical director opportunities through contracts with skilled nursing facilities
  • Consistent achievement of merit-based incentive payments (MIPS)
  • Programs shown to reduce return-to-acute episodes

Our dedicated network of post-acute clinicians applies effective total cost-of-care management to support risk adjustment and successful transition of patients back to their homes and facilities. We prioritize return-to-acute objectives, which is increasingly important to the continuum of care spectrum. Benefits include:

  • Reduction of unnecessary post-acute medical expenses
  • Improved measurable outcomes
  • Reduction of hospital acute care admissions
  • Improved measurable patient and family satisfaction rates
  • Strengthened relationships among hospital, skilled nursing facility, and health plan affiliates
  • Proper drug utilization including psychotropic medications
  • Fall risk reduction
  • Wound care expertise

Whether you’re searching for a clinical or corporate position, our growing team provides numerous opportunities to be a part of delivering exceptional, value-based medical services while achieving work-life balance.

We take our name from the centerline on an airport runway. Just as that line guides pilots during takeoff and landing, we provide guidance and support so partners can grow unhindered while focusing on their patients and their personal lives.

Yes, our affiliates are part of a board-certified network of partners who share a focus and commitment to continuing medical education. Our affiliates receive valuable training and support critical to operating a successful medical practice, including:

  • Monthly medical education meetings with peers
  • Coding and compliance training to stay current with today’s billing standards and requirements
  • Mentorship for medical director certification for skilled nursing facilities in the
  • Centerline network
  • Support for medical education conferences

We continue to develop and provide valuable applied technologies for affiliate partners to meet the competitive challenges associated with operating growing practices. These services include:

  • Electronic medical records technologies and support
  • Dynamic tracking platforms on critical data
  • Sharing and communicating with appropriate stakeholders related to the practice
  • Real time data flow
  • Enhanced workflow efficiencies
  • Multiplatform connectivity for practice quality and expansion
  • HIPAA-secure compliant texting for protected communication
  • IT support and maintenance


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